GAKU Engine is a highly customizable Open Source School Management System. It offers extensions to exceed the bounds of a standardized curriculum, and original tools to augment the learning experience.
It is the engine to drive a more dynamic education.

Gaku engine logo 3d vector
Gaku engine gear explosion diagram


GAKU Engine is free as in freedom, licensed under the GNU GPL v3 and AGPL v3 with alternate licensing options available. The source is availble at for anyone to obtain and change. We invite your participation in transforming education.


GAKU Engine has the flexibility to accommodate the local standards of any school. It handles more data types and includes more customization options than any other school management system on the market. It is fully I18n compliant, can be translated in its entirety to any language and with locale customization can be used natively anywhere. GAKU Engine includes a built-in modular extension system and a full REST API. This is an open invitation to schools and developers to extend, customize, and integrate with it.

Gaku engine api extension gears
Gaku engine hypercube outside the box


Standardized Education often resembles an assembly line pressing students into a mold. It disregards individual learning styles, individual interests and neurodiversity. This system has historically failed many great minds who thought outside of its artificial ideal. Imagine instead a platform that empowers students to procure a diverse set of skills and knowledge. GAKU Engine acknowledges the standard while expanding dimensions beyond it by integrating with external services, rethinking student evaluation, and providing a platform for new educational technology.